About King's Kids

Who We Are

       King's Kids El Paso, founded in 1988, involves local young people in evangelism, discipleship, community service, positive peer influence, multi-cultural education programs and leadership training.

       We teach youth to serve others by providing them with opportunities for serving the elderly, poor, homeless and orphans. King's Kids promotes development of young people's skills in the arts including music, drama, and dance. Youth from El Paso conduct outreaches at detention facilities, homeless shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and churches. We help youth find direction and purpose in their lives through personal life vision and goal setting. King's Kids seeks to instill and encourage the high moral and ethical standards found in the Bible.

        In each King's Kids activity, youth are given responsibilities to lead their peers, with adults acting as facilitators. This approach fulfills one of our primary purposes, which is mentoring young people and equipping the next generation for leadership. King's Kids also actively supports parents of the children involved in the challenges of raising their kids.


What We Offer

  •       Local teams- We offer local training and outreach programs described above that take place once a month throughout the school year. Our local teams are categorized in two: Junior team and Senior team. Junior team is the younger group which encompasses ages 9-12 (or 4th-7th grade). They will generally meet on a Saturday from 9am-5pm at our location. Senior team is the older group, ages 13-18 (or 8th-12th grade). Senior team will meet on a Friday evening at 7pm, spend the night and leave at 5pm the next day.
  •      Discipleship Courses- We also offer weekly discipleship courses at 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday nights throughout the school year. The Monday night course is called IDC (Intensive Discipleship Course) designed for 10th-12th graders, which is open to senior team members and teens outside of King's Kids. The Tuesday night course, EDC (Extreme Discipleship Couse), is open for those who have completed IDC and/or are 17 and older.
  •      Spring Break Outreach- Every year we offer an opportunity for teens, families, and youth groups across the nation to join us in a week-long, overnight camp with a focus on ministry to the community of El Paso as well as evening worship and teaching. (Click on Outeaches tab for more information).
  •     Summer Outreach- A highlight of our program is the annual summer missions outreach. We pray for God's direction and He faithfully directs us to a nation where we will minister. (Click on Outreaches tab for more information).
  •     Training- King's Kids staff are available as guest speakers for churches and community organizations, and as a resource for information on various cultures, developing young leaders and conducting effective youth programs. We have trained youth workers and have begun new King's Kids programs in Canada, Panama, Jamaica, Haiti, St. Croix, Grenada, Barbados and Mexico.


Who Can Join?

     These opportunities are open to Christians of all ages who complete the application process. Young people in King's Kids come from a wide variety of denominations and churches. We would love to have you and your family get involved with us!

     King's Kids International welcomes your participation in the battle for the hearts and minds of the emerging generation. Please consider joining us through prayer, financial giving, personal training and outreach involvement.